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Is Organic Beef the Same as Grass Fed?

Not necessarily. If the package doesn’t say organic grass fed beef, then it isn’t. More often than not it was grain fed. Grain feed cattle do not have the same health benefits as cattle that are grass fed. Grass fed beef is typically leaner and has less artery clogging saturated fat. When you buy your grass fed beef on-line with Red Deer River Ranches, you can feel at ease knowing that it is All Natural – All the Time.

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This is also one of the main differences in our beef from what you will find in a typical grocery store. We do not feed our cows any grain or products containing the carbohydrate portion from grain, and they do. All cows that go into a factory feedlot are fed a very high percentage of their ration based on barley or corn. Although this allows the factory feedlots to grow animals much faster than we can, it also greatly decreases the pH level in their rumen/gut which can adversely affect the fat content in the meat as well as prevent healthy products such as CLA’s (conjugated linoleic acid) and Omega 3’s from staying at good levels in the beef. That also means that we typically can’t always compete on price. But while the price of grass fed beef is a bit higher than your typical super market cut, so are the health the benefits. So which would you rather eat?